Now we see through a glass darkly

Now we see through a glass darkly
Helen Keller and her mother exemplified in the Miracle Worker

Friday, June 22, 2018

More than just a glimpse of heaven is the fruit of celebrating the Lord's Day. That isn't fiction!

Chapter 10 of Pilgrim's Progress is a wonderful expression of the earthly expectation of the Christian, when so much of suffering has past. There are seasons of refreshing and Derrick Thomas exposes this so very aptly, in his series on the Pilgrim's Progress, which I found on Prime Video's. I have been so blessed to hear these wonderful spiritual observations of a classic.
It is amazing and soul strengthening!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Wonder of Sisterhood and Motherhood and how they mesh came clear in the new Little Women!

I guess that was where all my emotions went at celebrating the accomplishment of graduating from college. I hadn't thought that I would cry at the graduation. I thought I might have cried at the Markle wedding. The eyes were dry.

Surprise! there I am watching the Little Women series and I thought it was wonderfully done. The scene of the mother coming into the room and her extra giddy girls were whirling and twirling. I had been the girls, at one time. I had been the mother at one time and now my girls are fully women and past any of that whirly twirly stuff. How did I miss that passing? Where did it go to?

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Oh Boy, there was a squirrel graduation also!

I really had no idea that the squirrels went to school. I never thought of them as educated or uneducated of a species. I gave so much attention to the bird schools, which are so advanced and elegant. Well, Mr squirrels eldest son showed off to me. He was relating to my elation at my child's advancement.

She is promoted to BS, I brought up, simply as a point of interaction. This that I am carrying, he replied, is the advanced degree cap for my son. It was a very large cracker and the not so timid Father squirrel carried it amazingly carefully, so as not to break it into pieces. I thought you were carrying that cracker for a night snack for your family, I said, very ignorantly.

I offended the proud parent, who now had poopooed me off as an ignorant animalistic human, instead of a humanistic animal, which he originally had pegged me. OH well, you win some, you lose some! I wasn't myself, that day.

Friday, April 27, 2018

The rainy days and meeting the new goose family....for Addison

Well, little Addy this is the second day of the rainy week here in Charolotte, NC.  The goslings are now well equip with lots of beach gear, now that it is a regular thing to have water play, everyday.   They have a floater and a beach ball and they wake up squawking to get in the water.  Mother Goose has to help them to calm down and eat their breakfast.  If it were up to them they wouldn’t even eat breakfast.  They would just jump out of their trundle bed on the roof of our building, into the new pond that is there.  I hope that they are not too disappointed next week when the water is all gone.

For the time being the little goslings are entertained from morning to night in the water of our newly made pond.  My babies at the daycare are just the opposite.  They are upset that the wetness keeps them inside.  When we do go outside we must be careful of the wildlife leftovers from their water play.  They are not a very neat family.  Their mommy does her best to make them clean up behind themselves, but they often forget to do even the most important of things like washing and using the potty.   We have to clean up behind them or the babies cannot go out there.

I am sure that you and Chacha don’t forget to use the potty or wash your hands, like the geese do.  Do you?  


Addison, sweetie,

It has been a whole day since the torrents that were upon us have dried and Mother Goose took no time off to dry her own feathers.  It was time for the goslings to start their studies.  She brushed and combed their feathers and placed them on their very best behavior to get them ready for the school bus to pick them up this morning.
The bus came on time and Jenny was afraid of the fog that engulfed our little town.  Her mommy spanked her sharply and took no back talk from her little ones about their education.  I had always heard that the geese were a strict breed of bird, but even I was crying at the severity of Mother goose and the tone she took with them.   No one will accuse this goose family of being backward and “hootenanny”.  That was all she said and she placed the three of them on that bus to school.   Jenny goose was sobbing all the way.  She sat next to another female goose and they became the swiftest of friends and her fear of the fog and upsetment with Mother gooses spanking became a quiet memory for the fun she was starting to have…

Thursday, March 29, 2018

I saw Aunt Lorraine on cloud duty!

She told me some jokes that only we could have shared. I remembered her fondly and considered our sweet moment of reminiscing and advice a dear part of the mystic sweet communion that I hadn't ever even thought to have enjoyed, through eternity. We talked, somewhat about the anticipation of the improvement of our family, with the same old song of our masculine love of that personality and how it develops. I miss her much and I didn't realize how much until today.

Monday, March 19, 2018

"A Log for the birds!"

Elusive to me, was this task. My birds were nagging and wondering how I could sit on this bag of seed for months, without having even thought about their cold and hunger.

My excuse in February was that it was in the 70s for weeks and I thought that the insects and sprouts that came out were enough for the birds. I also had found this recipe for a log, using gelatin and I was planning to use it.

I had compiled the ingredients, some of which took some thinking. I nearly always have gelatin of somesort. I thought about using an expired box of banana gelatin, that I didn't care for. How would that look to my friends? Now think about it. I may still use that in a later project for them. I am not that fastidious with my friends as you might have thought. I imagined myself using a pringles container or one of the sundry coffee containers for the log. The time and the container were the most illusive of the ingredients of the project. Yesterday was the day and your fathers old coffee cup from our trip to Evie was the container. {He keeps coffee for days and sips it and I was determined that 3 days of old coffee was more than enough tolerance, on my part.}Here it is. My first attempt and just after Purim a gift for my little friends in the neighborhood, what do you think?

Friday, March 16, 2018

Personal visitations are amazing watching little ones!

Many times the children walk around or sit with someone else looking at them. They interact and talk to this other person in a game or in a conversation and I am not privy to it. Yesterday, it happened to Yousif. He was standing by the door and offering his ball to someone very tall. He kept trying to give it to someone. He is a thrower and doesn't hold the ball and offer it to anyone. He was talking to the person and was enthralled and enchanted, like I am not able to enthrall him. I assumed a masculine character, from the engagement. He came away from the interaction with a look of determination and understanding. He looked like he had found his good purpose on this earth. Each of my sons have had numerous escapades, like this. This is the first one that I have been in the room for with a boy. I guess I had assumed that girls were more prone to imagination on this sort and left it at that. My boys, I thought were mirroring their mother. Yesterday convinced me that the interaction between earth and heaven is more who is praying for the children and less about whether they are male or female.

I want to make a mental note if it is related to the ides of March or a special occasion or an everyday thing. I am not sure. It certainly doesn't happen everyday.

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For the Birds?

For the Birds?
click on the picture to for an Evvie story.

Sparrow's Spring nest

Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow were caught, by me yesterday, shopping together for a new home. They flitted and flirted, just outside my window. Talking and discussing and lovingly disagreeing, if not arguing the benefits and the pitfalls of living at our house.
Mrs. Sparrow was very impressed with the 2 "ready made" nests hung outside our window. Mr. Sparrow hadn't even thought of them as "ready-made" nests. He used them for the provision of building materials for the private home that he had in mind in a surprise and hidden place. He doesn't like the openness, at all, of our porch. It's much too populated. When Mr. Sparrow gets it into his mind to give his sweet chicky a peck, he wants the freedom to do it without a bunch of younguns peeking over the nest to see what comes next.
Mrs. Sparrow was impressed that the porch was fully protected from hailstones. We all know what happened to a great many of last years' nests in that surprise hailstorm we had. Male birds seem to have a very short memory for storms. They have only one thing in mind in the nest building season... 03/09