Now we see through a glass darkly

Now we see through a glass darkly
Helen Keller and her mother exemplified in the Miracle Worker

Friday, July 28, 2017

Jochabed went through intensive training to become a nursemaid in the royal nursery.

Each day she began with worship and praise to Jehovah, before she went to the palace to see her beloved child. The training seemed like nothing for the life that was spared on her behalf, by Jehovah.

It was actually very intense. Many women were sent home in tears. Many women were sent into a deeper servitude, because of insubordination and attitude. No untoward attitude was accepted in those days. Pharoah was hardening in his stance against women, because of the possibility of insurrection from the Jews after his tyrade.

The women, on the other hand, she found very winsome and understanding of her life's work. Especially the Pharoah's daughter, seemed very accepting of her. There seemed a close bond forming between the two women, which was hard for Jochabed to accept, in her concern for Moses. She couldn't let on that there was a real bond between her and her son and she attempted to keep her love internal and follow procedure and protocol with abandon. She plucked Moses one time for calling her mommy, right on the mouth. He stuttered from that moment on and she felt that in her heart as an ache, although she could never tell another soul, except Miriam, when she went home. They held eachother in tears, many a night of her detail.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Of Pearls and Leaves{the laws of childcare impurities in Egypt}

The categories of children in the palace, when Jochabed was brought on as a nursemaid was Pearl or Leaves. Outside the nursery there was a symbol, which at first seemed strange to her. The Pearl symbol was given to the babies who didn't spit up, in their earliest care. The spittle of infants was despised in Egypt and seen as an early sign of disrespect for their elders. Once they would become of age, they would have the opportunity to take back their early expressions, if they would.

The Leaf symbol was given to the children who had spit on their elders and they had a month to be corrected from this horrible habit and if not, they would be relegated to a service oriented away from the palace. This corrective action was taken to keep the gods happy with the Pharoah that he wouldn't be tarnished with this impurity and thus be degraded in their service.

Jochabed's prayers and heart burden was weighted as she observed these peculiar practices of the Egyptian palace culture. She thanked God that He wasn't such a God to do this to His servants. She was still rejoicing that she was allowed to see her son alive and her glory couldn't be shared with the other women in her community who were suffering. It was a lonely time and her confidants became some of the women servants in the palace, who were of different cultural backgrounds, but motherhood held them in a heart bond that was deep and earnest. She prayed for their souls to find a way to the true God.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Today was picking day for my first corn stalk----It is a QUIET THING!

I think maybe that is what the angel was saying with that extravagant twisty spectacular display on Saturday. If you don't pick that one ear of corn that you were able to eek out of your paltry attempts at gardening I will! I am so sick of you missing the timer for these things. If you know how many plants and sweet potatoes and carrots, etc. that you let sit under that ground after you planted them, even you would weep. It is time to pick that one! I hear that you need a bump on the head to get things like that. Well, if you think that I changed the timer on the rain clock for you to get real corn to come up for you so that you could let that one rot on the vine, it makes me sick.
I picked it and finally got the message.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Now I know HOW???

The spiders caught the angelic view and documented what I couldn't see. They said the first foot went here and the second step went there and up and the lightning was over there. Did you see that? I am glad I didn't miss that athletic move!

Yesterday's storm was real!

The clouds rolled in an unusual pattern. They seemed to mimic what I had been trying to do on my blog. Speed up the marquee was what I was trying to do. These clouds were moving at a swift clip and were white on a background of a dark storm behind them. I had to stand there and watch them, with Ev imploring me, as the birds usually do to get inside and close the door. It wasn't really a fearful sight. It was beautiful and I did long to have a movie of it to examine it closer. While I was looking the birdfeeder blew off the holder. This was the first time that this had happened that I recall. I wondered whether to go outside and pick it up and as I was wondering a bolt of lightning shot directly above it at an angle which was a single bolt opening into a threefold bolt. Evie said, "you see, that was too close, One mississippi, etc." I got the message and I am revelling in knowing that the God of lightning and thunder is my friend and he never misses a shot! like we do.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

{Coming events cast a shadow?} I saw clouds that looked like this in the sky a couple of years ago. I said to myself They are still fighting, those two, Roosevelt and Taft.

Today, I found out that Planned Parenthood was founded in 1916. 10/16/1916 was their inception on paper. I had read about their door to door campaign in Cheaper by the dozen and was curious about the political dynamics of the time. We had just come out of our own serious political chasm, of sorts, namely Hillary vs. Trump campaign and the tremors of political upheaval are still being felt. I do wonder if CS Lewis saw these dynamics and was narrating them in Lion Witch Wardrobe, or just pontificating from the hill. It seems the former to me. Dozen was written/published in 1948 and Wardrobe published 1950.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Imaginations of Jochabed!

Spare me, by your mercy, sings Jochabed as she weaves the great basket for her tiny gift.  Spare me Lord the suffering.  Give me grace I pray.  Let my child live through this awful day.  Spare me Lord, By your grace for You are merciful and Kind.  I can never know why your hand is heavy upon us, but spare and give my child a chance to live and serve you.
Does the grave praise your power.  Does the death declare your name.  Does the distant sad Sheol give the glory we proclaim.  We are here to love and serve you, even in a distant land. We are begging God, your holy love would stay the wicked hands. debt of love I owe. Dear Lord I give myself away, it's all that I can do” Bathing Egyptian women--- sounds of weeping women from the distance.
Woman 1---It is so sad that they are weeping so much.
Woman 2---The will of the gods was supreme.  I don't know how they can still be worshipping their God when it is clear that they are subservient to us.  Pharaoh is supreme and they still hold onto their ways of distinctiveness.  Their loss is sad, but their rebellion must be dealt with.  Pharaoh is our highest power. 
Princess---I hear a baby crying

They all pan out.  They all search through the reeds and look high and low for the place where the noise is coming from.  Miriam is behind a bush and making more baby noises from the distances.

Princess finds the baby carrier in the reeds and opens it to find not a crying baby, but a cooing and happy little fellow and she takes him out.

Let us read the letter from our great and high exalted one:
The women gathered at the river and they had a letter from the Pharoah that said. "My high exalted women, you who have won the privilege from the gods to be a part of the royal household, know that my grace and joy is to know that you are happy to be the ones who I trust to serve me. I will see the beauty and the glory of the things that you do and the joy that you accomplish the work. There are some sounds that are coming into your ears of wailing of the underlings. Unfavorable servants have had to be disposed of recently for our own reasons to maintain order and respect for our way of life and they are still in a grief. They have been told that they have one more day to control themselves and if they continue the loud sounds from their homes we will have to continue purging their people group, down to the last one, if need be. I ask your respectful patience and that you not allow their unreasonable sounds to darken your activities. We are doing all we can to keep your hearts lifted above the likes of the disparaging ones. Know that we are cleaning the kingdom and sometimes these things must be done. I expect your reasonable adherence to the rules of court and facial expression and emotional deportment. I wouldn't want any of you to be poisoned by the things you have heard and seen. My Pharoah daughter will keep me in contact with the behaviors and those who may have become dulled in spirit by the sounds and repercussions will be swift and thorough. I trust you understand my meaning. Your adored Pharoah!

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For the Birds?

For the Birds?
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Sparrow's Spring nest

Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow were caught, by me yesterday, shopping together for a new home. They flitted and flirted, just outside my window. Talking and discussing and lovingly disagreeing, if not arguing the benefits and the pitfalls of living at our house.
Mrs. Sparrow was very impressed with the 2 "ready made" nests hung outside our window. Mr. Sparrow hadn't even thought of them as "ready-made" nests. He used them for the provision of building materials for the private home that he had in mind in a surprise and hidden place. He doesn't like the openness, at all, of our porch. It's much too populated. When Mr. Sparrow gets it into his mind to give his sweet chicky a peck, he wants the freedom to do it without a bunch of younguns peeking over the nest to see what comes next.
Mrs. Sparrow was impressed that the porch was fully protected from hailstones. We all know what happened to a great many of last years' nests in that surprise hailstorm we had. Male birds seem to have a very short memory for storms. They have only one thing in mind in the nest building season... 03/09